Cate Barcelona HorvaticAccount Executive

Don't let Cate's youthful smile fool you. She brings nearly a decade of "Michigan Avenue" media sales experience to our agency, not to mention her energy, enthusiasm and family work ethic. We're thrilled to have her onboard and part of our client service team.

Get to Know Cate...

What excites you most about your work and the contribution you make?

I think it's exciting learning new things and applying what I was doing for so long in my new position with this company. I hope I can contribute fresh insight and ideas.

Is there a blog you like to read? Or a favorite book instead?

I'd say my favorite book is "The Great Gatsby".

Describe the soundtrack of your life in 3 to 5 songs.

"Forever Young" by Rod Stewart
"Lake Shore Drive" by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah
"September" by Earth, Wind and Fire
"Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses
"Just to See You Smile" by Tim McGraw

What super power do you dream of possessing?

The one that probably wins out would be invisibility.

What do you think the world needs more of right now?

Genuinely good people who care about others.

What do you enjoy most about helping clients?

It's very exciting to have clients be happy with the work that we do and to see your hard work appreciated really makes it worthwhile.

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