The Orange ProcessDiscovery Phase

The Importance of Discovering & Rediscovering Your Brand


It is a common misconception that a brand begins and ends with a name, logo or icon, or even a tagline. You see…

A brand is much more than just a name and a logo. Your brand is everything your business represents, and everything within your organization shapes your brand.

At our agency, we believe great brands create meaning and value – for those who are inside the organization and those who experience them in the outside world. 

Great brands appeal to the emotions of their consumers, they resonate and they connect.

One of the many purposes of brand discovery is to define the organization and understand the current and ideal brand experience. How is your brand perceived today? How would you like your brand to be perceived in the future? What is your competitive advantage? And, what does it really mean to experience your products or services?

Once these insights are uncovered, we bring your brand to life and integrate it into every aspect of your organization.

Discover the brand you want to be... today and tomorrow.

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